What is needed to feel loved?

Physical TouchHold hands!Say goodbye or greet them with a kiss.

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Physical TouchHold hands!Say goodbye or greet them with a kiss. Cuddle together in bed, even (and especially) if it doesn’t lead to anything. Place your hand gently on them, for no reason. Sit close together on the couch when watching TV. Give them a nice loving massage – before they ask for one. More items. . . Feb 9, 201950 ways to make your partner feel loved according to the ‘five love https://leisurehacker. com › 50-ways-to-make-your-partner. . . https://leisurehacker. com › 50-ways-to-make-your-partner. . . Search for: What is needed to feel loved?


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What a man wants in a woman?

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 They need to be attractive, healthy and fun to be with. Men like sex, but what most men want and are looking for in a woman is a beautiful healthy woman that knows what they want, that appreciates them and they know how to make a man happy. I've gone out with women where they know exactly what a man wants and they went looking for a man who was not who they were looking for. This is almost always due to the women wanting to use the man for their sexual needs, not because they wanted to be with him. I've also gone out with women that just walked up to a man and saw if he looked like what she wanted and went right up and asked him out. Most women are like this and some are what they are looking for. So, what is your looking for and what do you want to be with? The most that man can do for woman is what he should do. Henry Ward Beecher Dont ask men this question you will be insulted for not knowing this....but as women our curves are what make us attractive I had a client about 30 years ago that was very attractive...but when he described his type he used 5 words and

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