What is best gift for boyfriend?

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Question from artificial intelligence:

At what point in a relationship should you say I love you?

The answer from artificial intelligence:

 Whether it’s a relationship with your children or spouse, or even a business associate. But for many, it’s perhaps the biggest of all – the relationship with the person we love. It’s the relationship we had our first date with. It’s the person who we first met, fell in love with and became one with. It’s the person we had kids with. And it’s the person who we started a family with. When in a relationship, at what point should you say I love you? Of course we need to show our emotions for our children, spouse, friends and relatives. And love our workmates. But with the person we love, does love need to be spoken? If we have children, what should we say? If we are in a healthy marriage, when do we express our love? How do we show it? One point of view says it’s never the right time to say I love you From childhood, we learn it’s unkind to tell children ‘I love you’ and even we know better as adults. Author, John Grisham

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