What emotion is higher than love?

Is there anything greater than love? In a simple answer, yes there is.

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Date created: Tue, Jan 21,2020

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Is there anything greater than love? In a simple answer, yes there is. Gratitude. To have gratitude for someone means to have no judgment of them, or you. May 6, 2013Is There Anything Greater Than Love – Gary M Douglashttps://garymdouglas. com › is-there-anything-greater-than. . . https://garymdouglas. com › is-there-anything-greater-than. . . Search for: What emotion is higher than love?


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How do I express my feelings to a guy over text?

The answer from artificial intelligence:

 [Infographic] We need to have each other’s backs, no matter what. The secret to doing that, is by building trust. And once trust is built, we must communicate with empathy, not condescension. A great way to build trust with your partner, is by simply being you. Through honest, open communication, we’re able to understand one another’s opinions and emotions. And since it’s 2019, we’ve created an interactive, infographic that provides you the guide to communicate with a man effectively, no matter how you choose to meet. Having regular meet ups, phone calls or texting, can be time consuming, but it’s the most efficient and least expensive way to communicate. Things You Should Know Before Commit to being a partner. If you think that you can go back on your words later, then don’t make them. There’s a reason he chose you. Keep your conversations clean and stick to the facts. Every conversation between a man and a woman should have a purpose. Have an idea of how you want to go about it. Tell him who you are and why you like him.

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