What are basic needs in a relationship?

Consider basic survival needs like water, air, food, and shelter.

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Consider basic survival needs like water, air, food, and shelter. Meeting these physical needs means you can stay alive, but it takes more to give life meaning. You can’t see or touch things like companionship, affection, security, or appreciation, but they’re just as valuable. Apr 30, 2020Emotional Needs: 10 Big Ones in Relationships – Healthlinehttps://www. healthline. com › health › emotional-needshttps://www. healthline. com › health › emotional-needsSearch for: What are basic needs in a relationship?


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What is the longest kiss ever?

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 Most people don't think about the longest kiss, and if they do, they probably think about Miley Cyrus or Mandy Moore's big screen kiss. I wouldn't mind being in either of those situations. But I'm going to tell you the REAL longest kiss in history. The Longest Kiss This man and this woman were locked in a kiss for 50 minutes and 2 hours. How to Do It? To start, it's important to determine if you want to be fair to all of the celebrities and even people who just like the kiss. Here's what they did: – Open your mouth and then rub your tongue with your upper teeth. Don't push the mouth closed. – Keeping your mouth wide open, do not rub your tongue against the roof of your mouth. – Don't suck on your tongue. – When kissing, it's important not to use the "up and down" motion of your tongue. – Use a "side to side" motion, not a "up and down" motion. – Make kissing your "favorite pastime." – When kissing, keep your head and body straight. – Kiss until you

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