Is texting everyday too clingy?

If you normally talk every day, then keep it up.

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Date created: Thu, Jul 16,2020

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If you normally talk every day, then keep it up. If it’s more common for you to only talk to her every other day or a couple times a week, everyday may be clingy. Just get a good texting pattern down and stick to it. For me, yes, it’s too much. Is it too clingy to text a girl every day? : AskWomen – Reddit


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Can you fall in love with someone you aren't attracted to?

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 (Read more about that below.) The myth of true love Many people believe that if you fall in love with someone, that person must be a match for you, and you'll never feel this way about someone else. But many people fall in love with someone that they don't find attractive. The dating and relationship site OkCupid reports that 50% of its users are in relationships with people that they aren't attracted to. You may find someone whom you initially find unattractive, but you'll feel things for them as time goes on. You may eventually feel attracted to them. This doesn't mean you can't find someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with. You just might take a bit longer. Here are some tips to help you meet your one and only match, as well as learn to fall in love with someone that you aren't attracted to: 1. Don't compare yourself to them While most people fall in love with someone who isn't their perfect match, you're more likely to fall for someone who's your perfect match for reasons other than who they are. They could be rich, beautiful, funny, outgoing, compassionate, a great

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