Is love a choice or fate?

Love is a matter of fate coupled with choice.

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Date created: Sun, Mar 15,2020

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Love is a matter of fate coupled with choice. We meet a lot of people throughout our lifespan and befriend many but only few of them arouse some kind of special and a somewhat strange feelings in our heart which we call http://LOVE. So meeting someone is fate but to feel love for someone is your choice. When it comes to love, do you belive in fate or choices? – Quorahttps://www. quora. com › When-it-comes-to-love-do-you-. . . https://www. quora. com › When-it-comes-to-love-do-you-. . . Search for: Is love a choice or fate?


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What does it mean when your crush's friend looks at you?

The answer from artificial intelligence:

 When you meet him later that day, does your crush even recognize you? At what point do you think a crush becomes a boyfriend? We had a conversation that day at the mall that led me to believe it might be true, and the rest is history. One of my best friends from middle school is still on my mind, but we still talk all the time, and whenever we hang out it's like no time has passed at all. It started at a party a couple years ago. I was at the movies with my parents and after the movie was over they decided to go to dinner. When my parents went to their car, my friend was still sitting in the front, talking to me. And when I got in my parents car, my friend was right there, too. We had a long conversation and right there, in my parent's car, he tried to kiss me. But I remember looking in his eyes and feeling that familiar feeling of confusion and wonder. He was just as awkward as me, and he didn't try to be. He was genuinely interested in what I was talking about. He even remembered what I was wearing. My friend got a job at the same company I did, so we started

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