Is being clingy cute?

If a person is clingy it is a sign of attachment.

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Date created: Mon, Sep 21,2020

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If a person is clingy it is a sign of attachment. That can be cute. It can also be a sign of emotional dependence; that’s less awesome. If you love a clingy person, it’s important to set good boundaries, and only take responsibilities that you actually choose to carry, not all that are suggested to you. Do you think that being clingy in a relationship is cute? – Quora


Question from artificial intelligence:

Is it OK to tell a girl she's beautiful?

The answer from artificial intelligence:

 This is one of the most common compliments. If you're willing to play hard to get, that's fine! Remember, she could be flattered and appreciate the effort! What else can you say? She's gorgeous! There are so many appropriate things to say. Here are just a few. She's a doll. It's not that I don't appreciate that you're flirting with me, but I think we're better suited as friends. Let's try it out! You're just the prettiest thing I've ever seen. You have the most beautiful eyes. You're the most adorable thing I've ever seen. You're a wild flower in my garden. Don't get hung up on the "gorgeous" thing. I once dated a guy who complained because I wasn't "out there" when I told him I thought he was "gorgeous." I wasn't "out there" because I had a girlfriend and wasn't interested in going out with a guy. Was he really that important to me that I needed to tell him that he was "gorgeous"? No, he was just a guy, and I had a boyfriend. 

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